US embassy comes under missile attack in Baghdad


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SULAIMANI — An NRT correspondent in Baghdad said the US embassy came under missile attack on Thursday (January 13).

The reporter said the embassy was targeted by two missiles, noting the launch of the rockets came from the neighborhood of al-Dora.

The rockets were shot down before reaching the embassy compound, causing no damage there, Iraqi military officials cited by Reuters said on Thursday.

The correspondent confirmed reports that two people were injured in the al-Qadisiyah neighborhood due to the missile attack on Baghdad’s Green Zone, where the embassy is located.

Security Media Cell said a woman and a child were injured in the missile attack after a rocket struck a school. A statement from the media cell said security forces are working to determine the casualties and damage.

American interests in Iraq have been subject to numerous attacks, despite Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi’s announcement on the withdrawal of foreign combat forces from the country and the limitation of the remaining forces to an advisory role and the training of Iraqi forces, according to an agreement between Baghdad and Washington.

The US blames the attacks on Iran-aligned militia groups.

(NRT Digital Media)