Supreme Judicial Council suspends operations amid protest from Sadrist Movement


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SULAIMANI — Supporters of the Sadrist Movement gathered in front of the Supreme Judicial Council in Baghdad on Tuesday (August 23).

The protestors held Iraq flags and demanded reform, the dissolution of parliament and early elections.

Protestors told NRT Arabic they were gathering at the judicial council because they consider it the council of the people, where they will renew their demands.

The judicial council has announced it has suspended its operations in response to the protest.

The council also stated some of its members have received threatening text messages, trying to force the members to dissolve the Iraqi parliament.

The judicial council has met with the Iraqi Federal Supreme Court to discuss the pressure from the Sadrist Movement on the federal court.

The council said the behavior from the Sadrist Movement’s supporters was unconstitutional and contrary to the law, adding policy that supports such behavior has responsibility for the consequences.

The Iraqi Lawyers Syndicate and the courts in Najaf and Kirkuk provinces have announced they have all suspended their duties in support of the judicial council.

(NRT Digital Media)