Archaeological teams discover Neanderthal remains at Shanidar Cave


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SULAIMANI — The Director of the Soran Archaeological Committee, Abdul-Wahab Suleiman, said Neanderthal remains were discovered during an inspection mission in Shanidar Cave in Erbil province.

The discovery was the second time such remains have been found at Shanidar, Suleiman said. He noted the search was conducted by teams from Cambridge University and the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Suleiman said they expect to find further remains because only 30 percent of the cave has been searched. The teams have already found between 30 to 40 bones. He also stated they have found a number of artifacts, household items and ornaments.

The teams explained the remains are more than 40,000 years old.

Shanidar Cave lies within Bradost Mountain in the Zagros Mountain Range, within Erbil governorate.

(NRT Digital Media)