Health ministry says spread of cholera should not be typical in Kurdistan Region


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SULAIMANI — Aso Hawez, the spokesman of the Kurdistan Region’s Ministry of Health, said the spread of cholera was not normal and it was not acceptable for the Region to lack clean water.

Hawez said on Tuesday (June 21) diarrhea and vomiting were symptoms of seasonal diseases that increase in the summer but recent test results show cholera has spread this year in the Kurdistan Region.

He said cholera was spread through contact with dirty drinking water and food, especially vegetables.

On Monday, the World Health Organization (WHO) in Iraq said the organization has dispatched urgent medicine and medical supplies to Sulaimani governorate to help with the sudden cholera outbreak.

On June 15, Kirkuk’s health directorate announced a case of cholera had been recorded in the province, along with a number of suspected cases.

The KRG’s Health Ministry said 10 cases of cholera had been recorded in Sulaimani and four in Erbil.

(NRT Digital Media)