SDF says ISIS emir who plotted prison break arrested

Fighters from the Syrian Democratic Forces in Baghuz in eastern Syria. DELIL SOULEIMAN/AFP/GETTY

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SULAIMANI — Syrian Democratic Forces said on Saturday (December 25) they have arrested one of the most dangerous Islamic State (ISIS) emirs, who they allege was behind a plot to free detainees from a prison in Hasaka, the group’s media center said.

The SDF alleges the suspect was behind a number of "terrorist operations,” and said he has confessed on video to the prison break-in plot.

According to SDF Press, he provided arms and ammunition, over a dozen suicide bombers and two car bombs as part of an attack to free inmates from the Gwayran Daesh prison in Hasaka.

The suspect is said to have switched allegiance from al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra to ISIS in 2013 and allegedly led a battalion in the 2014 attack on Kobane. The SDF also said he participated in dozens of ISIS attacks.

Syrian Democratic Forces have not yet released details on the date and place of Awad’s arrest.

(NRT Digital Media)