Arrest warrant issued for member of PUK politburo as party turmoil continues

Member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan’s (PUK) Politburo

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SULAIMANI — An arrest warrant related to corruption charges has been issued by a Sulaimani Integrity Investigation judge for Miran Muhammed, a member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan’s (PUK) Politburo, media outlets affiliated with the party reported on Thursday (July 29).

Muhammed is also former head of Sulaimani Health Directorate.

Specifically, he is charged with violating Article 15 of the Commission of Integrity Law, which deals with illicit enrichment.

Calls by NRT to the Integrity Commission and a PUK spokesperson seeking comment went unanswered.

The move comes after a month of factional turmoil within the PUK.

On July 8, Qubad and Bafel Talabani moved to pressure Lahur Sheikh Jangi to step down from his position as co-president, which he did on July 19.

An unanswered question in the aftermath of the stunning ouster is whether others from Sheikh Jangi’s faction will be targeted in the Talabanis’ effort to assert control over the party.

Already, the Counterterrorism Service, which was previously lead by Sheikh Jangi’s brother, has said that it will issue new identity cards associated with the elite unit in an effort to root out those who were "illegally” issued cards.

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