Kurdistan Parliament finds significant pension inflation for senior officials, civil servants


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SULAIMANI — Deputy Head of the Kurdistan Parliament’s Integrity Committee Said Harki on Wednesday (July 28) estimated that between 60 billion and 100 billion Iraqi dinars ($41 million and $69 million) would be returned to the public treasury if the 2020 pension and salary reform law is fully implemented.

Harki told Voice of America (VOA) that the committee examined the status of 1,470 people who were classified as either senior-level retired civil servants and 430 retired lawmakers to confirm whether they deserved the higher pensions paid for those classifications.

As part of the investigation, it examined 80 cases of people paid as former cabinet-level ministers. Of those, only 33 had actually served at that level.

In examining the files of 148 people paid pensions at the level of deputy minister, it found that only 67 had served as such. Only 177 people classified as advisors had actually held the position out of 331 cases examined.

Harki said that investigators were also looking at those holding the status of retired general directors and lawmakers, but did not list the statistics related to those positions.

(NRT Digital Media)