Biden-Kadhimi meeting was not fruitful, says KSDP secretary general

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SULAIMANI —Secretary General of the Kurdistan Socialist Democratic Party (KDSP) Mohammad Haji Mahmoud on Wednesday (July 28) panned the result of the recent meeting between Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi and US President Joe Biden, declaring that it had not been fruitful.

"The meeting between Kadhimi and Biden on the 26th of July didn’t have an accomplishment,” Mahmoud said in a tweet.

"Kadhimi doesn’t call the shots in Iraq and the US is departing and withdrawing from a great number of things,” he added, citing Afghanistan as an example.

He also expressed worries about what US support for a strong and unified Iraq could mean for the Kurds.

"What we noticed was that the media release was concerned about a united Iraqi country,” he said in another tweet.

"For that reason, my thought on the matter is that once again a poisonous sword will be stroked against the back of the Kurds.”

On Monday, Biden and Kadhimi met for the latest round of the US-Iraq Strategic Dialogue talks, the main result of which was that the US would end its combat role and shift fully to advising and training the Iraqi Security Forces and the Peshmerga as a part of the fight against Islamic State (ISIS).

(NRT Digital Media)