Zakho-Ibrahim Khalil road to undergo repairs: official

Ibrahim Khalil border crossing (File)

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SULAIMANI — Head of the Duhok Municipality’ media office Amir Atrushi said on Saturday (September 19) that the main road between Zakho and the Ibrahim Khalil border crossing with Turkey will undergo significant repair work.

Amir Atrushi told the Kurdistan Democratic Party’s (KDP) official media outlet that the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has approved an allocation of 8 billion Iraqi dinars ($6.7 million) for the project.

The government is currently working to tender a contract and construction work on the project will begin once legal and administrative procedures are completed, he added.

Atrushi said that repairing and improving the road will benefit local people because of increased trade and travel.

On August 19, KDP-affiliated security forces violently broke up a protest by local truck drivers at the border crossing after the KRG decided to drop a coronavirus-related restriction and allow Turkish teamsters to enter the Kurdistan Region.

However, without a reciprocal move from Turkey, local truckers were cut out of a job by the decision, which prompted the protest.

(NRT Digital Media)