Kurdistan Teachers Union chief says will conduct review of online education

Most students starting academic year online
Students in a class room in the Kurdistan Region (File/NRT Digital Media)

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SULAIMANI — Secretary of the Kurdistan Teachers Union Abdulwahid Muhammad said on Thursday (September 17) that the union will review the government’s online education program, adding that its members believed in the importance of in-person education.

“We are calling for a review of the decision regarding online education,” he said, arguing that students should have at least three days of in-person class per week, as long as public health guidelines and protective measures are in place.

On September 10, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Education Minister Alan Hama Said announced that first, second, and twelfth grades will have in-person classes, but that all other primary and secondary students will start the year virtually.

The minister said during a press conference that twelfth graders will start classes on September 27 and first and second graders will begin on October 10.

Muhammad also said that the government should ensure that teachers are paid their salaries on time.

(NRT Digital Media)