Residents block major road in Erbil, protesting about the dirt roads in their neighborhood

A protester talking to NRT, Sept 21, 2021. (file)

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SULAIMANI — Residents in Erbil city blocked the Koya road on Tuesday (September 21) to protest the poor quality of local streets and other public services in the Topzawa neighborhood.

One protester told NRT that residents are angry at government’s failure to pave the roads in their neighborhood, saying that it created choking dust in the summer and impassable mud in the winter.

Another protester said that sometimes she cannot send her children to school in the winter because the roads are so waterlogged and muddy.

She said that officials have promised to pave parts of the neighborhood, but residents want the whole area to have paved roads.

A third protester told NRT that the area is not served by the municipal sewage system.

Protesters were also angry about the facilities at a nearby school, saying that four students share the same desk at a time.

Local protests against poor infrastructure and services are common in the Kurdistan Region.

Erbil in particular has seen service problems this summer with chronic water shortages hitting residents hard.

(NRT Digital Media)