Kurdistan Region begins receiving subsidized gasoline from Baghdad

Gasiline station in Kurdistan. (file)

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SULAIMANI — In response to price increases in the Kurdistan Region, a spokesperson representing gasoline stations in Sulaimani told NRT on Thursday (September 16) that subsidized fuel provided by Iraq’s federal government will arrive in the governorate next week.

"We have sent money for the gasoline to Kurdistan Bank, but there are protocol issues preventing the delivery of the gasoline,” Bahman Qadir said.

"This will be fixed by next week,” he added.

Qadir said that the fuel will be distributed to ten stations in the governorate, which will sell it for 690 Iraqi dinars per liter ($0.47).

Sulaimani governorate will receive 360,000 liters (95,100 gallons) of gas and Halabja will get 144,000 liters (38,000 gallons).

A shipment of 360,000 liters of subsidized gasoline arrived in Erbil on Wednesday, which was distributed to 28 gas stations

Gas prices rose significantly in the Kurdistan Region this past year to 750 Iraqi dinars per liter ($0.51) from 500 Iraqi dinars ($0.34) because of the devaluation of the dinar and taxes imposed by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

Gas prices are significantly lower in federal Iraq.

(NRT Digital Media)