Village in Erbil province evacuated over violent family feud


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SULAIMANI — Residents of Rasha Zabi in Khabat district have evacuated the village because of a long-standing dispute between two families.

Khurshid Harki, a resident of the village, told NRT the trouble stems from a land dispute.

Harki stated the land in question legally belongs to his uncle but another family has constructed homes on the property, despite its intended use for agriculture.

He said there were daily clashes between the two families. Harki also said the local chief of police has issued a warning to both parties rather than legally resolve the dispute.

"The problem dates back to ten years ago, and since then, two people have been killed in his family and the other family has been attacking them constantly," he said.

Harki has asked for the dispute to be resolved through the courts and says they are ready to appear before a judge.

(NRT Digital Media)