Three Badinan activists released in Erbil


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SULAIMANI — Three Badinan activists who were held at the Erbil Reform Prison were released on Thursday (March 16) after two and a half years.

The three activists, Shvan Saeed, Hariwan Issa and Ayaz Karam were released after they finished their jail terms.

The three said in press conference that they hope those remaining in prison will also be released.

Saeed expressed his happiness over his release and thanked the volunteer lawyer teams for the efforts.

The three activists along with a number of other activists and journalists were imprisoned following protests in 2020 that were held against the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) economic policies.

Since then, at least seventeen activists and journalists have been tried on serious national security charges, which have been condemned as politically motivated trials.

Karam said in the press conference his friends Sherwan Sherwani and Guhdar Zebari remain imprisoned.

Zebari was supposed to be released with the other three activists but he has been sentenced for a further seven months without any explanation from the court.

(NRT Digital Media)