PKK denies connection to crashed helicopter in Duhok


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SULAIMANI — A helicopter crashed in Duhok province on Wednesday night (March 15), leading to the death of all passengers, Ali Tatar, the governor of Duhok, said in a press conference on Wednesday.


Tatar said the helicopter was one of two that had been flying over Duhok Wednesday night.


He stated the helicopter’s origin was unknown but the passengers had been members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).


The Kurdistan Counter Terrorism Directorate said the aircraft was a Eurocopter AS350 and it was carrying PKK members.


However, a source from PKK told NRT "The helicopter and its passengers are not affiliated with us, or related to us in any way.”


The counter-terrorism directorate said the crash occurred at 8:40 pm near Berkiat village in Chamanke, Amedi district.


(NRT Digital Media)