PM Sudani: Iraq will never divide into two parts


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SULAIMANI — Iraq and the Kurdistan Region have reached an agreement regarding 2023 budget law, Iraqi PM Mohammed Shia al-Sudani announced on Wednesday (March 15) at the 7th International Sulaimani Forum.

Sudani said the 2023 budget law project will help in resolving all outstanding issues between the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, stating, "Iraq will remain united, it will never divide into two parts”

Sudani stated a government program has been drafted to promote and develop Iraq and a three-year draft budget law has been prepared. He said these developments will solve the current issues in Iraq through the government’s agenda.

Sudani stated Baghdad and Erbil reached an agreement on the oil and gas law, in addition to the budget law.

The Iraqi PM also formally announced Halabja as a province, stating the decision was made two days ago. He added the government would continue to serve Halabja along with other provinces in Iraq.

He also commented on security issues in Iraq, stating border security must be maintained in Iraq and the the Kurdistan Region and that the country must not be become a battlefield for international conflict.

He stated Iraq has taken important steps toward combating climate change but international support is need to apply these steps.

The 7th Sulaimani International Forum launched at the American University of Sulaimani (AUIS) on Wednesday and is scheduled to continue for two days.

(NRT Digital Media)