No casualties in rocket attack on Peshmerga frontlines in Ninewa


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SULAIMANI— No one was hurt as two missiles targeted Peshmerga frontlines in the Shekhan district of Ninawa province on Tuesday night (June 22), the Kurdistan Region's Counter-Terrorism Directorate said on the same day.

The directorate issued a statement on its Facebook saying the attack targeted Nawaran Peshmerga frontlines and was carried out by "the outlaw militias" in Bazwa area, between Kanin village and Bashiqa.

No casualties or damage were reported, it added.

It said that one of the missiles fell on Mount Simreti in Sheikhan district, while the other dropped in an area controlled by the federal government in Bashiqa, falling short of reaching the Peshmerga frontlines.

Peshmerga commander, Adib Trwanshi, told local media yesterday that one of the missiles hit the vicinity of an oil company.

He added that no damage was reported as it was about one kilometre from the oilfield.

The Shaikan oil field, 60km north-west of Erbil, is one of the largest oil fields in the Kurdistan Region, which is operated by Gulf Keystone.

(NRT Digital Media)