New Generation speaks with UK delegation on deportation of Kurds from UK


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SULAIMANI — Members of the New Generation Movement (NGM) bloc in the Iraqi parliament met with a delegation from the British Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO), Iraq Affairs to discuss the issue of deporting Kurds from the UK.

Arian Taugozi, an MP from the New Generation in Baghdad, said in a statement the NGM met with Oliver Dixon, the head of the Iraq team at the FCDO, and other members of the British Embassy in Iraq.

The NGM asked for the UK to put a stop to deporting Kurds from Britain back to the Kurdistan Region, stating the political, security and economic situation in Iraq and the Region was in a condition that would endanger the lives of asylum seekers if they are repatriated.

The MPs from the New Generation also spoke with the British delegation on the current issues in the Region and the upcoming elections.

Anxiety over deportation has surfaced recently among some Kurds in the UK. On May 20, NRT spoke with a Kurd who said he had been in the UK for 21 years and was currently facing deportation. He is currently detained along with several other Kurdish asylum seekers and he informed NRT the British government was planning to send them back to the Kurdistan Region.

The Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) representatives in the UK said on Tuesday there was no agreement between the KRG and the UK on deporting Kurds from Iraq back to the Region.

(NRT Digital Media)