KRG reps: No agreement exists on deporting Kurds from UK


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SULAIMANI — The Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) representatives in the United Kingdom have said there is no agreement between the KRG and the UK on deporting Kurds from Iraq back to the Kurdistan Region.

The KRG representatives said in a statement the issue of deporting Kurds in the UK was not discussed during KRG Prime Minister Masrour Barzani’s visit to London, where he met with the Home Secretary.

The statement also noted the Kurdistan Region and the UK were cooperating on efforts to tackle organized crime and in pursuit of human traffickers.

The representatives responded to rumors that the KRG had signed a deal with the UK to deport Kurds from Britain, alleging certain people were trying to mislead the public to promote short-term interests.

Relations between the UK and the KRG do not involve the issue of forced repatriation, the statement noted.

On May 20, NRT spoke with a Kurd who has been in the UK for 21 years and is currently facing deportation. He is detained in Britain along with several other Kurdish asylum seekers and he informed NRT the British government was planning to send them back to the Kurdistan Region.

He told NRT it appeared as if an agreement had been reached between the KRG and the UK and that the actions taken against them were planned.

Dashti Jamal, the Secretary-General of the Iraqi Federation in Europe and the UK, said in a statement that authorities in the UK had begun days ago to arrest some Kurdish asylum seekers, some of whom have families and children in the UK.

(NRT Digital Media)