Head of New Generation Movement bloc calls for parliament sessions to resume


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SULAIMANI — The head of the New Generation Movement (NGM) bloc in the Kurdistan parliament, Kawa Abdulqadir, said on Tuesday (May 17) the NGM believes parliament sessions should resume as soon as possible.

Abdulqadir said the presidency of the Kurdistan parliament met on Tuesday to discuss ways to resume sessions and made a decision for the presidency and heads of parliament blocs to meet on Wednesday to discuss the same issue.

He stated there were many important subjects directly related to public welfare and it was important for parliament to hold a stance on elections, adding the polls would be meaningful and could lead to radical change.

Sessions of parliament were suspended nearly two months ago for no apparent reason. The Kurdistan Region’s two main parties, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), have both traded accusations over the halt to sessions.

The KDP accused the PUK of responsibility for the issue while the PUK alleged the KDP was attempting to dominate the government.

Abdulqadir said if there were no obstacles in the way, parliament sessions could begin as early as next week.

(NRT Digital Media)