SDF says forces regained control of Hasaka prison


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SULAIMANI — Syrian Democratic Forces announced late on Wednesday (January 26) afternoon they have re-established complete control of al-Sinaa prison, which houses thousands of Islamic State (ISIS) inmates in Hasaka, after days of intense clashes in the city following a break-out attempt.

"The Peoples' Hammer Operation has culminated with our entire control of the al-Sina'a prison in al-Hasaka and the surrendering of all Daesh [ISIS] terrorists,” said Farhad Shami, the head of the SDF media center.

SDF press said earlier on Wednesday that 1,000 ISIS members surrendered to Kurdish forces.

Shadmi told NRT on Tuesday the SDF had regained control of 80 percent of the prison after six days of continuous clashes.

Shami announced late on Wednesday afternoon the SDF had forced other groups of ISIS militants to surrender in "thorough raids” that "targeted dormitories where the terrorists were barricaded.”

He said 17 members of prison staff were freed last night. SDF press announced Kurdish forces were carrying out "large-scale and precise sweep operations” in parts of Deir-ez-Zor, Raqqa and Hasaka.

The SDF Coordination and Military Ops Center said late on Tuesday night they had dismantled a sleeper cell around the town of al-Hol, where they seized weapons and tech equipment.

North Press Agency said on Wednesday the intensity of fighting in the area had lessened after 350 ISIS members surrendered to Kurdish forces.

Clashes in the vicinity of al-Sinaa in Hasaka’s neighborhood of Ghweiran began on Thursday night when three explosions struck near the detention facility, housed in a converted technical school, as part of a break-out attempt with sleeper cells in the area.

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