Lithuania denies reports migrants at border will be housed in capital

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SULAIMANI — The Interior Ministry of Lithuania said in a statement to NRT English on Monday (December 20) that claims migrants at the country’s border with Belarus would be transferred and housed in Vilnius were false.

"This is part of a disinformation campaign, which is trying to pollute the information field,” said Mindaugas Bajarunas, the head of the Strategic Communication Division in Lithuania’s Ministry of Interior.

According to recent reports from Turkish media, the governments of Iraq and Lithuania reached an agreement for Iraqis in border camps to be housed in residential complexes in Vilnius.

The interior ministry’s statement to NRT said Vilnius and Baghdad were "working together only to return asylum seekers to their country of origin as smoothly and quickly as possible.”

From Monday to January 20, all "irregular migrants” willing to return to their home country will be given "financial travel aid of 1,000 euros,” according to the statement.

Lithuania’s interior ministry said 427 foreigners who crossed illegally into the country have been returned to their home countries so far.

(NRT Digital Media)