Lithuania to give 1,000 Euros to repatriating migrants

AP/Mindaugas Kulbis

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SULAIMANI — The Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania, Agne Bilotaite, said on Wednesday (December 8) any migrant who voluntarily returns to their country of origin will receive 1,000 Euros, Lithuanian National Radio and Television said.

The payouts are being increased from 300 Euros offered by the State Border Guard Service.

Bilotaite said the repatriation of migrants will be a long complex process, adding the funds would mostly come from European Commission’s financial aid for Lithuania for handling the migrant crisis.

According to the ministry 3,272 asylum seekers have entered the country but only 54 have been given asylum.

Lithuania has built a razor-wire fence along 60 km of its border over the last few months, Deutsche Welle said.

Bilotaite also said the decision to provide financial support will continue until January 20, 2022 and will only apply to those migrants currently in the country.

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