Peshmerga Ministry striving to fulfill needs of Kurdish forces: official


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SULAIMANI — The Minister of Peshmerga Affairs, Shorsh Adil, said in a statement posted to Facebook on Sunday (December 5) efforts have been intensified to fulfill the military needs of Peshmerga.

"Our forces should face terrorists with new plans and techniques and not let them hurt the innocent,” Ismail said.

The Peshmerga minister stated the Islamic State (ISIS) threat will encourage Kurdish forces to completely eliminate the militants.

"We will soon avenge the blood of these martyrs and all of the martyrs of the past few days,” Ismail said, referring to Peshmerga and civilians killed in recent ISIS attacks.

On Sunday, ISIS claimed responsibility for last week’s attack on a village in Makhmur district in Erbil governorate, where 13 members of Kurdish forces and civilians were killed.

(NRT Digital Media)