Kurdish migrant dies after suffering miscarriage at Belarus-Poland border


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SULAIMANI —A 38-year-old Kurdish migrant named Avin Erfan died on Saturday (December 4) in Poland nearly 20 days after she was first hospitalized after a miscarriage.

Erfan’s health deteriorated and she fell unconscious after miscarrying while waiting in cold weather on the Belarus-Poland border on November 12 but she was able to reach a hospital through the intervention of aid groups.

Her father, Erfan Zahir, told NRT the family was informed of the news from the hospital early on Saturday morning. He said his daughter received treatment and was hospitalized for more than twenty days but died due to the impact of the cold weather on her kidneys.

He added the family calls on the UN to help the repatriation of their daughter’s body to the Kurdistan Region.

Erfan was originally from Zakho in the Duhok governorate and was the mother of five children.

Thousands of migrants and refugees face harsh weather as they try to cross from Belarus into the European Union over the Polish and Lithuanian borders.

(NRT Digital Media)