Kurdistan Region stability does not exist in many countries in region: KRG representative


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SULAIMANI — Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in France Ali Dolamari said on Monday (November 29) that the security and stability that exist in the Kurdistan Region does not exist in many countries in the region.

Dolamari told Voice of America (VOA) that there are job opportunities and freedoms in the Kurdistan Region.

He said that people leave the country and emigrate because of personal reasons.

He added that other reasons for the recent wave of emigration from the Kurdistan Region include the lack of an official budget passed by the Kurdistan Parliament, fight against Islamic State (ISIS), presence of militias in the disputed areas and the shelling of the border areas of the Region.

Regarding the migrants who died in the English Channel when their boat capsized near Calais last week, Dolamari said that their identities are not known yet.

He said that there are a number of other migrants on the borders of France who want to enter Britain illegally.

Thousands of migrants from Iraq and the Kurdistan Region are currently stranded on the Poland-Belarus border, but others continue to use other routes through Turkey and southern Europe.

According to the Summit Foundation for Refugee and Displaced Affairs, at least 633,000 adult Iraqi nationals have applied for asylum abroad during the last seven years.

(NRT Digital Media)