Motion to sanction KDP MP who threatened sexual violence against critics fails in Kurdistan Parliament


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SULAIMANI — A minority of lawmakers in the Kurdistan Parliament voted to sanction a Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) MP on Wednesday (October 27), a day after he used violent, sexual language during a debate in the legislative chamber to threaten critics of the KDP.

During debate on Tuesday, Change Movement (Gorran) Lawmaker Shayan Askari urged the judiciary in the Kurdistan Region to move expeditiously to resolve the cases of dozens of activists and journalists from Duhok who were arrested last year and remain in pre-trial detention. In her remarks, she said that they had been arrested because they did not support the KDP, which is the most powerful party in the governorate.

In response and out of parliamentary order, KDP lawmaker Jalal Parishan said that he would sexually assault the fathers of anyone who spoke ill of his party.

During Wednesday’s session, Head of the KDP caucus Zana Mullah Khalid apologized on behalf of Parishan, but many lawmakers were not satisfied and demanded that the Parliament sanction him for his behavior.

However, the motion to do so failed 32-46 when KDP MPs closed ranks behind their colleague and were joined by those holding seats reserved for religious and ethnic minorities.

New Generation Movement Lawmaker Sipan Amedi told NRT that the KDP lawmakers’ failure to take action against one of their own sparked harsh disagreements between the lawmakers in the chamber on Wednesday.

When the motion failed, the Movement and lawmakers from several other parties left the session.

"We boycotted the session because the [parliamentary] presidency was not able to do its job,” Deputy Head of the New Generation Movement caucus in the Kurdistan Parliament Kawa Abdulqadir said in a press conference, adding that its decision was in solidarity with the Gorran MP.

"The Kurdistan Parliament belongs to the people of Kurdistan and does not belong to any party,” he said.



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