KRG distributes half a million liters of Baghdad-supplied gasoline: ministry

A gas station in the Kurdistan Region (file)

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SULAIMANI — The Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) Ministry of Natural Resources said on Monday (October 25) that gas stations that receive normal grade gasoline from the government should not sell other kinds of gasoline or sell it for more than the set price.

On Sunday, the ministry announced that 540,000 liters of gasoline has been distributed to the stations in the Kurdistan Region to deal with a price increase and supply problems.

The fuel was supplied by Iraq’s federal government.

The ministry issued several decisions in a statement on Monday, saying that gas stations will be observed by the ministry’s directorates to ensure regulations are followed.

It said that the government-supplied gasoline has a higher octane and should not be mixed with other types of gasoline.

Additionally, the gas should be sold for 690 Iraqi dinars ($0.47) per liter and not changed by the station.

Drivers are now paying more than 900 Iraqi dinars ($0.62) per liter for normal grade gasoline in the Kurdistan Region.

(NRT Digital Media)