Sarsink's faded Olympic pool ready for new glory, hope locals

Sarsinhk Olympic pool October 24, 2021 (NRT Digital Media/Screenshot)

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SULAIMANI — The Olympic rings of the Sarsink swimming facility stand out against the Duhok hillside, its pool offering what would be an unparalleled setting for swimming.

But years of neglect have left the facility in an unusable state, the pool drained and the diving boards rusting.

Constructed in the 1980s in the governorate’s Amedi district, the facility is said to be one of the largest outdoor pools in Iraq and locals believe that it has potential as a major tourist attraction if rebuilt.

"We ask the [Kurdistan Regional Government] to renovate it as soon as possible,” said Najar Mustafa, who works as an economist.

Communication and Media Director of Amedi’s Directorate of Tourism Hikmat Bargaray said that plans were in the works to do just that, explaining that a company has been awarded the contract but is waiting on approvals to start work.

(NRT Digital Media)