Education officials urge teachers to get vaccinated against COVID-19

Students sitting in a class in a school in Sulaimani. (NRT Digital Media)

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SULAIMANI — Sulaimani Education Directorate on Tuesday (October 19) urged local kindergartens and schools to tighten their COVID-19 protection measures.

The directorate said that their teams will be visiting the educational centers in order to monitor the situation.

It also said that health teams and school officials should make sure that teachers are urged to get COVID-19 vaccine.

On Sunday, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Minister of Education Alan Hama Saeed said that the ministry plans to continue to hold in-person classes at primary and secondary schools, but the decision is ultimately up to the KRG Ministry of Health and dependent on the COVID-19 situation.

Non-contract teachers have been protesting for two weeks in the Kurdistan Region demanding the government to permanently employ them but have not been answered, which deepened into strikes since last week.

The KRG instituted a number of austerity measures in response to a financial crisis that began in in 2014, including creating an employment status known as "non-contract,” where teachers are paid a lump sum per class and do not receive benefits.

(NRT Digital Media)