Taqaddum denies media report about pact with State of Law against Sadrists


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SULAIMANI — As Iraq’s post-election government formation process begins in earnest, the Taqaddum Alliance on Saturday (October 16) denied a media report that it would join forces with State of Law to oppose the Sadrist Bloc.

Taqaddum, which is led by Mohammed al-Halbusi who served as speaker in the last parliament, was the big winner in the election from the Sunni bloc, securing around 38 seats.

The Sadrists emerged with a plurality of seats and the most in the Shia bloc with approximately 73, but Nouri al-Maliki’s State of Law is working to bring together a number of other smaller parties to form a coalition that would form an alternative potential government to the Sadrists.

Iraq’s Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) has not released the final results from the election.

Earlier on Saturday, the London-based al-Arab newspaper published a story suggesting the Taqaddum and State of Law planned to join forces.

In response, Taqaddum Spokesperson Saud al-Mashhadani issued a statement reiterating that it had understandings with the Sadrists and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), the latter of which won the most seats among the Kurdistan Region-based parties.

The government formation process in Iraq is often lengthy and opaque, with information leaked to the media as part of parties’ efforts to shape the process.

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