Price of cooking gas nearly doubles in Erbil following election


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SULAIMANI — Three days after Iraq’s parliamentary elections, residents in Erbil woke up to a propane gas shortage on Thursday (October 14), with the price spiking as a result.

On Thursday, the price of one bottle of gas hit 14,000 Iraqi dinars ($9.59), up from 7,500 Iraqi dinars ($5.14) last week.

The reason for the shortage was not immediately clear, with no official comment from the authorities in the governorate.

The gas, which is typically sourced from the Khor Mor gas field in Sulaimani governorate, is used extensively for cooking, heating, and other purposes.

Past gas shortages in the Kurdistan Region’s capital have caused significant frustration among residents and business owners.

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) won eleven seats in the governorate in the election.

(NRT Digital Media)