Koya University facing campus water shortages, cancels classes


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SULAIMANI — Top officials at Koya University prevented a water tanker provided by the New Generation Movement from coming onto campus to help deal with a water shortage at the university on Wednesday night (October 13).

On Monday, the university said in a statement that it was canceling classes until October 16 because of several infrastructure issues, including most seriously a lack of water supplies at dormitories and academic buildings.

NRT reporter Khalid Muhammed said that the university relies on five wells to provide water, but that not all of them were functioning. The Kurdistan Region has been experiencing an acute drought this summer.

A volunteer of the Movement told NRT that the head of the university did not allow the tanker to come on to campus, saying that they did not know about the quality of the water and whether it was potable.

He said that New Generation wanted to serve the university and the city of Koya, adding that even missing one day of classes is a big deal.

Another volunteer said that they would still use the water to serve the city by watering parks and green areas or taking it to families in need.

(NRT Digital Media)