IHEC says manual, electronic ballot counts match

A member of the security forces votes in Sulaimani on October 8, 2021 during special voting. (Photo: NRT Digital Media/Winthrop Rodgers)

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SULAIMANI — Spokesperson for Iraq's Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) Jumana Ghalaiy said on Monday (October 11) that the results of manual and electronic ballot counts following the general vote in the parliamentary election on Sunday matched.

Ghalaiy told the state-run Iraqi News Agency (INA) that the comparisons were made at a selection of stations chosen randomly.

It made a similar determination following the special voteby the security forces and IDPs on Friday.

IHEC is expected to announce results later on Monday.

According to initial data released by the commission, theoverall turnout for general voting was at 41 percent.

Turnout in the Kurdistan Region was 54 percent in Duhok governorate, 46 percent in Erbil, and 37 percent in Sulaimani, with nearby Kirkuk governorate coming in at 44 percent.

Low turnout had been expected amid widespread disillusionment with the political system, particularly among young people.

(NRT Digital Media)