Gasoline prices spike at stations in Sulaimani, giving drivers new headache

A gasoline station in the Kurdistan Region (file)

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SULAIMANI — With drivers already being hammered at the pump, the price of normal-grade gasoline rose to 800 Iraqi dinars ($0.55) per liter at gas stations in Sulaimani city on Tuesday (October 5), which is 70 dinars higher than previous day.

An NRT reporter said that gasoline was being sold at 730 Iraqi dinars ($0.50) per liter on Monday.

Mid-grade gasoline is now being sold at 900 dinars per liter ($0.62).

Gas prices had already risen significantly in the Kurdistan Region this year from 500 Iraqi dinars ($0.34) per liter to around 750 Iraqi dinars per liter ($0.51) for normal grade.

The initial increase was because of the devaluation of the Iraqi dinar and taxes imposed by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). It is not immediately clear what is behind the newest increase, but oil prices have been steadily increasing on global markets.

Gas prices are significantly lower in central and southern Iraq, where normal grade gas sells for 450 Iraqi dinars ($0.31) per liter.

On September 19, Sulaimani Governor Haval Abubakir said that the federal Ministry of Oil began sending 1.8 million liters (475,500 gallons) of subsidized gasoline per day to the Kurdistan Region in an attempt to take the pressure off drivers and businesses.

(NRT Digital Media)