Voters offered 10,000 Iraqi dinars as phone balance for collecting their biometric voting cards: IHEC official

A biometric and electronic voting system was used in the Iraqi parliamentary elections on May 12, 2018. (Photo: AFP)

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SULAIMANI — Head of Iraq’s Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) Media Office told NRT on Monday (September 27) that a program offering balance rewards to incentivize voters who have registered for biometric cards but not yet picked them up has resulted in more people visiting election offices to collect their cards.

Emad Jamil said in a statement that voting card will be given to eligible voters who have registered for them. Each card is individualized with their specific information as a way to prevent fraud at the ballot box.

Jamil said that voters were being given 10,000 Iraqi dinars as phone balance when they collected their cards.

Voters will not be able to cast ballots without them.

According to a UNAMI report last spring, only about two-thirds of eligible voters had registered for the cards by the time IHEC concluded its voter registration process.

Earlier this week, IHEC said that it would calculate voter turn out based on the number of voters with registered biometric cards, rather than eligible voters as a whole.

(NRT Digital Media)