Iraqi parliament votes for manual recount of 10 percent of election votes

Rejecting votes of diaspora and IDPs

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SULAIMANI — Iraqi Parliament on Monday (May 28) voted for a manual recount of 10 percent of votes in each province across the country.

Iraqi Council of Representatives held a session on Monday to discuss the results of the parliamentary election held on May 12.

The vote was a on a non-binding resolution. It is the purview of the courts and the Independent High Electoral Election to invalidate the election results.

Lawmaker Ahmed Haji Rashid told NRT that the Iraqi parliament rejected the votes of the Iraqi diaspora, excluding those of the Christians.

The parliament also rejected votes of the internally displaced people (IDPs), he added.

“There is an opinion among the lawmakers to annul Iraq’s Independent High Electoral Election,” he said.

Up to 168 lawmakers attended the session of the parliament on Monday.

The parliament’s meeting came after several parties across the country complained about the results of the parliamentary election, saying there was vote rigging during the election.  

Iraq’s electoral commission introduced electronic voting and vote counting to eliminate electoral fraud.

On May 24, office of the Iraqi Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, said a special committee appointed by the Iraqi cabinet would investigate allegations of electoral fraud during the election.

There were calls by several election blocs for a manual recount of votes in some provinces, but the High Electoral Commission rejected such requests.

Change Movement (Gorran), Kurdistan Islamic Group (KIG), Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU), Coalition for Democracy and Justice, Kurdistan Islamic Movement and the Kurdistan Communist Party as well as New Generation rejected the preliminary results of the election.

Turkmen and Arab lists also rejected the results of the parliamentary election in Kirkuk, where the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) took a lead in the election.

The Iraqi parliamentary elections saw a 44 percent of voter turnout on Saturday (May 12).

Around 10 million eligible voters cast their ballots during the election. A total of 24 million Iraqis were eligible to cast their votes to elect members of parliament, who will in turn elect the Iraqi President and Prime Minister.

This article has been updated and corrected to reflect that the resolution was non-binding.