KRG reaches budget agreement with Council of Representatives’ Finance Committee, claims KRG representative

With timing of next visit and vote to be determined
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SULAIMANI — Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Baghdad Fars Esa said on Sunday (February 28) that the KRG’s negotiators has reached an agreement with the Council of Representatives’ Finance Committee about the 2021 federal budget.

Esa told NRT reporter Hersh Qadir that the timing of a visit to Baghdad by a KRG delegation to seal the deal depends on when the Council of Representatives decides to meet to vote on the draft 2021 Federal Budget Law.

If the vote is scheduled for this coming Thursday, the delegation will travel on Tuesday.

Esa did not give details about the agreement and whether it differs in any way from previous reported agreements.

He said that the KRG is committed to the agreement, but warned that a number of political parties from the other ethno-sectarian blocs were trying to increase pressure on Erbil at the last minute.

(NRT Digital Media)