Iraq-Saudi Arabia border crossing reopened for trade after three-decade closure ​

A general view of Arar border crossing between Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The crossing was opened after three-decade closure on November 18, 2020. (Photo Credit: AFP/ File Photo)

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SULAIMANI —Iraq’s Border Ports Authority said on Wednesday (November 18) that Arar border crossing has been opened for trade exchange besides travel between Iraq and Saudi Arabia after it was closed down for 30 years following the then Iraq’s occupation of Kuwait in 1990.

The border point was reopened In a ceremony attended by Iraqi Interior Minister Othman al-Ghanmi, Deputy Commander of the Joint Operations Command Abdul Amir Al-Shammari, Head of the Border Ports Authority Adnan al-Waeli, Karbala and Anbar governor and several other military and administrative officials, while the Saudi delegation was attended by the Saudi Ambassador to Iraq Abdul Aziz bin Khalid Al-Shammari along with of Saudi officials, the border commission said in a statement.

Arar border crossing was shuttered in 1990 after both countries severed ties following the then Iraq’ government’s occupation of Kuwait.

It is the only border crossing between both countries and was open once in a year to the Iraqi pilgrims in the past years

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