​Police officer killed, three others wounded in ISIS attack in Diyala’s Jalawla

At joint checkpoint

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SULAIMANI —At least a federal policeman was killed, and two others along with a Kurdish policeman were wounded late on Friday (November 13) in an attack launched by Islamic State (ISIS) militants in Diyala’s Jalawla sub-district.

NRT Digital Media reporter Garmian Hamapur said that the ISIS militants attacked Naqishbandi checkpoint, which is run jointly by the police forces of Garmian Police Directorate and the federal police forces in Jalawla, known as Gulala to the Kurds, from two flanks.

The clashes lasted for about an hour and the ISIS militants fled the scene. The casualties within the ISIS ranks are still known.

Earlier on Friday, Iraq’s Security Media Cell said that a member of the security forces was killed and two others were wounded in a bomb blast in Diyala’s Abi Saida subdistrict.  "A citizen was abducted, who works as a teacher in the Abi Saida sub-district.”

In December, 2017, federal security forces, in cooperation with the Peshmerga forces and covered by the US-led coalition airstrikes, declared victory over Islamic State.

The militant group has resorted to guerrilla hit-and-run tactics after losing all its territory. It is especially active in the disputed areas claimed by Erbil and Baghdad, where security is not as tight.

(NRT Digital Media)