Kurdish man drowns in Serbia’s Drina river: Summit Foundation


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SULAIMANI — The Summit Foundation for Refugees and Displaced Affairs said on Saturday (October 31) that a 24-year-old Kurdish man drowned in Serbia’s Drina River on Thursday evening.

The deceased was named Aras Salim, who was a resident of Duhok’s Zakho district. The Foundation said that he had recently left the Kurdistan Region in an attempt to reach Europe.

Salim was traveling with two other Kurdish migrants. It was not clear from the statement whether they were also missing or what they were doing when Salim drowned.

The news follows the drowning deaths of four people, including two children, in the English Channel on Tuesday. They were originally from Sardasht city in Iranian Kurdistan.

Despite closed borders and restricted travel as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic, people continue to emigrate from the Kurdistan Region and Iraq in large numbers, fleeing unemployment, endemic corruption, and economic mismanagement.

According to numbers published by the Summit Foundation for Refugees and Displaced Affairs, more than 32,000 people from the Kurdistan Region and Iraq have migrated since the beginning of the year.

Thousands of people left earlier in the decade, mostly bound for Europe, but outmigration had slowed in recent years, before picking up again.

(NRT Digital Media)