Kurdish family tortured, killed in Baghdad

A Kurdish family living in Baghdad killed on September night 15, 2020, the father, named Dara Rauf, and the daughter, named Shilan (Photo Credit: Social Media)

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SULAIMANI — The bodies of a Kurdish family living in Baghdad’s al-Mansour area were found decapitated in their house on Tuesday night (September 15), according to a security source.

NRT reporter Omed Muhammed said that the victims are a father, a mother, and their daughter, who had graduated with a pharmacy degree in 2016.

According to the security source, the family was originally from Sulaimani and their bodies are expected to be brought back to their home city to be buried. 

According to a preliminary forensic investigation, the daughter, named Shilan, was sexually assaulted before being killed and there are marks of torture and beatings on the victims’ bodies.

Police have not yet identified any suspects, but speculation is that the killings may have been motivated by Shilan’s participation in the protests that began in October 2019, during which time she worked as a medic in Tahrir Square.

(NRT Digital Media)