Two Iraqi soldiers killed in ISIS attack in Diyala governorate


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SULAIMANI — Two Iraqi soldiers were killed in an Islamic State (ISIS) attack on a security post on the outskirts of al-Miqdadiyah district in northwest Diyala governorate on Monday night (August 24), according to a security source.

The source added that clashes occurred between the Iraqi Army and the militants, but that the militants were able to flee the scene.

On Monday night, Iraq’s Security Media Cell said that ISIS militants attacked a Federal Police detachment on the Kirkuk-Daquq road, which left four policemen dead and four others wounded.

Meanwhile, the former head of Qara Tapa Municipal Council told NRT Digital Media that two cars of ISIS militants raided the sub-district’s Safsaf village, wounding a resident and abducting three others.

(NRT Digital Media)