Iraqi Security Forces launch new anti-ISIS operation north of Baghdad


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SULAIMANI — Under the direction of Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi, the Iraqi Security Forces launched a new operation against Islamic State (ISIS) militants in areas north of Baghdad, according to a statement by the Security Media Cell.

The operations involve the Baghdad Operations Command, the Special Forces Brigade, the 37th Mechanized Infantry, the Emergency Response Division, the Federal Police, and the Popular Mobilization Forces and is supported by the Iraqi Air Force and Iraqi Army aircraft.

“Using accurate intelligence information, this operation will pursue the remnants of ISIS terrorist gangs and search these areas in order to strengthen security and stability, arrest those who are wanted, and protect the interests of citizens,” the statement added.

The new operation comes after the conclusion of the third phase of “Operation Heroes of Iraq,” which focused on Kirkuk, Saladin, and Diyala governorates.

(NRT Digital Media)