One civilian killed in Turkish strike on Kurdistan’s Sidakan: local official

Air strikes have continued since Monday
A view of a village in Sidakan sub-district, northeast of Erbil (File)

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SULAIMANI — Turkish warplanes carrying out airstrikes on Erbil’s Sidakan sub-district late on Wednesday night (June 17) killed one civilian, according to sub-district manager Ehsan Chalabi.

NRT reporter Abdo Rostaiy said that the planes targeted a group of migrant shepherds as they worked near the mountains of Barda Spian. As a result, a man belonging to the Surchi tribe who was originally from Akre was killed.

On Monday and Tuesday, Turkish forces launched a series of airstrikes across northern Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, hitting targets in Qandil, Makhmour, Haji Omaran, and Mount Sinjar.

It then followed up those strikes with a ground operation in Duhok governorate on Wednesday.

The Turkish government routinely makes cross-border attacks into the Kurdistan Region and Iraq against suspected targets belonging to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which sometimes result in civilian casualties.

Farmers and shepherds who work in rural areas are especially vulnerable, particularly during the times of year when locals go into the mountains to forage or hunt.

According to conflict tracker Airwars, those strikes have killed at least 36 civilians since August 2015.

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has so far not released a formal statement about the Turkish operations. It has extensive political and economic ties with Ankara.

(NRT Digital Media)