Iraqi prime minister announces day-off due to oncoming dust storm


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SULAIMANI — Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi issued an announcement on Sunday (May 22) that Monday will be a day off for employees at all directorates except for the health ministry and local security forces due to the weather conditions brought on by the dust storm in the country.

The Iraqi Minister of Education, Ali Hamid, also announced school examinations are postponed until Tuesday.

The spokesperson of the Iraqi Ministry of Transport and Communications said all flights on Sunday in Iraq were delayed to Monday because of the dust storm.

However, the manager of Sulaimani airport, Tahir Abdulla, said flights to the city have not been suspended, adding, "The weather in Kurdistan will decide whether or not to halt trips.”

Sulaimani’s Governor, Haval Abubakir, said local authorities will depend on the up-to-date weather conditions and stated that so far there was no need to suspend the workday.

The Sulaimani Director of Public Education, Raz Karim, also said Monday will be a normal school day and the day off announced by the federal government would not apply to the Kurdistan Region.

Amer Jabri, the spokesman of the Iraqi Meteorology and Seismology Directorate, told NRT on Saturday that another dust storm is expected to sweep through Iraq beginning on Sunday evening and lasting until the end of Tuesday.

(NRT Digital Media)