Attacks target Iraqi, Kurdish forces north of Kirkuk


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SULAIMANI — Two Iraqi soldiers were killed in an attack by unknown gunmen in Dibis district in the north of Kirkuk governorate on Tuesday (December 7), a source from Iraqi security forces told NRT.

The gunmen were suspected to be Islamic State (ISIS) militants.

In another incident on Tuesday, rockets were fired at Peshmerga positions near Pirde in the same district of Kirkuk governorate.

ISIS militants have been attacking villages and the positions of Kurdish forces more often over the last two weeks.

On Sunday, the Deputy Commander of Kurdish forces at the Qaratapa-Hamrin front, Muhammed Rostam, said a group of armed men who had sworn allegiance to ISIS were brought to Iraq from Syria.

Last week, four people were killed and five others injured in an ISIS attack in Makhmur district in Erbil governorate.

(NRT Digital Media)