Three arrested in Erbil on charges of hoarding 600 bottles of propane gas during price increase

More than 600 of bottles of propane gas were seized by police in Erbil on Oct 20, 2021. (photo credit: Facebook/قایمقامیەتى قەزای ناوەنديى هەولێر)

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SULAIMANI — Mayor of Erbil's central district Nabaz Abdulhamid said on Wednesday (October 20) that more than 600 of bottles of propane gas were seized by police, with several people arrested on charges of hoarding the gas.

In a statement, the mayor alleged that the bottles were hidden in order to create a gas shortage in the city and increase the price.

A city with a population approaching 1 million, residents and businesses in Erbil uses tens thousands of bottles of propane each day for cooking, heating, and other uses.

The price of propane nearly doubled in the days after parliamentary elections on October 10.

The bottles were found in a park in Erbil, according to the statement, which said that three people were arrested and will be prosecuted.

(NRT Digital Media)