Iraqi First Deputy Speaker discusses loans with Russian ambassador to Iraq


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SULAIMANI — First Deputy Speaker of the Council of Representatives Hassan al-Kaabi on Thursday (October 22) called on Russian ambassador in Baghdad Maxim Maximov to examine the possibility of Russia providing loans to Iraq in order to implement strategic infrastructure projects.

Following a meeting with Maximov, al-Kaabi said in a statement that the loans could be used to fund electricity infrastructure, housing, water projects, and sanitation networks.

He also suggested that Russia could use its influence with OPEC and other oil producers to relax production cuts, which would help Baghdad address its budget shortfall.

During the meeting, Maximov expressed his government’s attention to the issue of Iraqi oil exports, as well as a desire to strengthen bilateral relations. 

He added that Russian companies are ready “to implement important strategic projects in all parts of Iraq."

(NRT Digital Media)