Price of olive oil climbs due to ration disruption

Olive oil bottles (File)

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SULAIMANI — Head of Sulaimani Food Trade Directorate Shawkat Muhamad said on Thursday (October 22) that the price of olive oil has increased on local markets and attributed the increase to the failure of the federal government to consistently send supplies of the household staple as part of its ration program.

Speaking to NRT Digital Media, Muhamad warned businesses against increasing their prices.

One shopkeeper told NRT Digital Media that the price of one-liter bottle of olive oil had increased from 250 Iraqi dinars ($0.21) to 500 Iraqi dinars ($0.42).

Head of the Kurdistan Region Customs General Directorate Samal Abdulrahman said that taxes had not been increased on the product.

According to the ration coupons for October, the approximately two million people in Sulaimani governorate who benefit from the ration system will each receive a one-liter bottle of oil.

Muhamad said that the federal government has distributed rations twice in 2020 and has not included olive oil in eight months.

(NRT Digital Media)